A Year #BeyondTheFill

#BTF Campaign Spotlight – Healthy Hearts –

February is the perfect month for a Heart Health program, so help make community pharmacists the year-long valentine to your patients.


February Spotlight: Healthy Hearts

Offer a Blood Pressure Screening to your patients to ensure their hearts are not only full of love, but full of health this February. Here you will find everything you need - from scripts to bag stuffers. Check out our heart health blog post.

Quick Tip: Delivery - Save Patients a Trip!

Save your patients a trip - deliver medications right to their doorstep! Find all the materials to promote your delivery service here. While you’re at it, remember to update your hours on Google places in the event of inclement weather. Learn more here.

Medication Reviews for Everyone!

Since February is American Heart Month, Host a Brown Bag Event at your community pharmacy and show your patients some love with a Medication Review. Help make sure your patients are on the right medications and get their health in top shape to celebrate this Valentine’s Day and many more! Check out promotional materials here.

Biometrics & PrescibeCare, featuring Kerry Blackwell, PharmD

This month, our featured PrescribeWellness pharmacist is Kerry Blackwell, Pharm.D. and Clinical Services Coordinator of Table Rock Pharmacy in Morganton, North Carolina. Kerry currently relies on PrescribeCare to not only promote heart health, but to make sure her staff is an important part of her patients’ expanded care team, as well as to ensure that her community pharmacy is paid for services performed. 

Q: Kerry, how do you use PrescribeCare and what makes it such a valuable part of your pharmacy’s practice? 

A: As our pharmacy continues to move toward a patient-centric model that hinges on value-based care, being able to provide - and get paid for - enhanced clinical services is key. So, having both the access and the ability to share patient information with our entire staff not only allows our pharmacists to provide more comprehensive care and be a part of our patients’ expanded care team, but it plays a crucial role in our ability to uncover non-dispensing revenue opportunities such as: medication synchronization and reconciliation, adherence monitoring and coaching, compliance packaging, immunizations and Medicare plan reviews to name a few. Also, as a participant in our state’s Pharmacist eCare Plan initiative - Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) - having a system in place that handles billing for these enhanced services is critical in ensuring that we receive our portion of the reimbursement physicians are paid from insurance companies.

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